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Kemer is a town that extending along the coast at the foothills of the Western Taurus Mountains at a distance of 43 km from Antalya province. Town has 52 km. length shoreline. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean in west and forests and mountains in the east, and its surface area is 53.483 km². The area of 45.000 hectares is forest. Kemer's distance to Antalya Airport is 57 km.

Kemer is sunny on average 300 days a year, sea water temperature is 10-18 in winter and 27-29 ºC in summer. These figures provide the opportunity to swim in Kemer for 8 months

According to official records, there are 372 touristic establishments, 46.796 rooms and 102.237 beds in the district of Kemer with a population of 44.757. 2.500 residents of Kemer are from other countries.

In the Kemer region, different types of tourism activities could be done according to the preferences. These are mountaineering, congress, health (Thallasso), trekking, diving, culture and history, safari and hunting, yacht, sea, sun and nature.


History of Kemer is known to extend until 690 BC. Phaselis ancient city which was founded by I. Oleios in 690 BC is 15 Km distance to the center of Kemer. Phaselis is known as an important port and trade center that has ruled by different civilizations.

Historical remains of Idyropolis is located in Kemer town center and remains shows that Idyropolis started to gain importance in 300 AD as a maritime and trade center. Idyropolis a city of Lydia, is the ancient name of Kemer.

The Kemer district was dominated by the Turks in the 12th century. Kemer, where nomads started to settle at the beginning of the 1900's, has regained the identity of settlement site in 1910.

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